Having a corporate network that keeps up with your innovative business can be costly – networking technology, hardware, expensive expertise and complicated installations can delay new setups and hinder support.

Our SD-WAN (Software Defined Wide Area Network) solution simplifies the way you manage your network. The network essentially functions as a service on a single device, so you need just one device at each location instead of a complicated arrangement of network hardware.

You can deploy branch applications and services as virtual network functions, and manage policies centrally, in the cloud.

Optimise your business
in no time

Site-in-a-box SD-WAN for any enterprise network

Get new offices online quickly

With SD-WAN, setup and configuration are made simpler – and faster – thanks to a centrally managed cloud controller. Virtualisation technology enables you to manage connection, configuration, security, usage and other policies centrally without spending precious time and resources trying to configure new sites on decentralised controllers.

You no longer have to set up a stack of hardware appliances on site. Simply deploy virtualised services remotely on the Unified Edge (uEdge) device to get new branches on the network. This can significantly reduce your network setup, management and maintenance costs and can free up resources to focus on other upcoming deployments.

Enhance the user experience

SD-WAN helps you configure and manage network routing equipment to take advantage of additional connectivity options for cloud, mobility and collaboration services. This means you’ll be able to connect with customers using new technology to provide a seamless, omnichannel customer experience.

Working with SD-WAN comes with many benefits, including on-demand traffic optimisation where you can prioritise network traffic to enhance the user experience – if a link is slow, SD-WAN will steer traffic to a faster and better link. Having this intelligent bandwidth means you can support customer and employee connectivity choices on any device and communication channel.

Unlock superior IT agility

SD-WAN contains a feature set known as cloud connectors that decouple virtual networks from their physical counterparts. It is essential for enterprises to improve their IT functions if they want to remain relevant and competitive, and SD-WAN supports the virtualisation of network services and their agility. Through this solution, virtual machines can be moved between servers with no manual intervention while application developers can run their programs without affecting production traffic. This allows IT managers and their teams to effectively address your enterprise’s need for a change in corporate network and enhance existing infrastructures without disrupting any current processes.

Fast and easy deployment

Instantly set up what you need, when you need to

One device for your entire network configuration

With SD-WAN, you no longer have to ship out network devices, servers and applications to new sites. Even your skilled engineers can stay where they are and set up site-to-site VPN remotely.

The Zero Touch Provisioning feature enables rapid deployment: all you need to get up and running is a Unified Edge (uEdge) device and access to the centralised cloud controller, which is where you set up and manage network policies. Once the uEdge device is installed at a site, it calls the cloud controller for automatic configuration.

From data centres to desktops: rapid deployment means your IT teams can set up and manage networks quickly and efficiently to benefit from this SD-WAN solution in no time.

Seamless network maintenance and upgrades

Because SD-WAN uses open architecture, appliances and applications that adhere to the SD-WAN open standards will be compatible with the service. This means much easier maintenance and upgrades as vendors introduce new network function capabilities.

In the past, deploying applications to new business user groups was a huge challenge. Now, applications are bundled into profiles that can be instantly deployed and delivered to user communities. Maintenance and upgrades are much simpler to deploy which means your more experienced and skilled IT engineers can focus their efforts on other business-critical projects, while less experienced employees can successfully take care of the day-to-day activities.

Centralised, cost-effective network management

Save costs and speed up configuration

Management made easy

SD-WAN’s multi-tenant controller delivers cloud-based, centralised network management with a user-friendly dashboard.

From this dashboard, you can:

  • Access and manage security, usage and other policies
  • View, monitor and control the performance of the network and event logging
  • Access network control and visibility

Thanks to Network Address Translation (NAT) traversal support, VPN tunnels can be established over challenging transport network configurations, once network policies and functions are pushed down to the uEdge device.

Plug-and-play cost savings

This leading SD-WAN solution allows you to handle everything from one central location – saving you time and money. It leverages multiple public and private Internet links to ensure traffic is routed with maximum efficiency and minimum cost. It’s easy-to-deploy nature boosts performance, uptime and productivity and unlocks a faster and more responsive network – if one link goes down, the remaining paths keep systems running smoothly.

SD-WAN helps you to reduce costs by enabling you to:

  • Upgrade existing services or implement new ones without having to replace expensive hardware
  • Use alternative, cheaper transport networks
  • Employ junior staff for network deployments and upgrades
  • Utilise direct, secure connectivity without needing server racks

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