Quick collaboration and speedy decisions are essential in a digital business world. Making the latest voice and video applications available lets your teams communicate with each other, wherever they are.

But with great communication power, comes great network responsibility. Delays in transmission, bad sound, and unclear images affect the user experience, making these tools less effective on your enterprise WAN.

To stay ahead of the curve, you need the right bandwidth to support innovative communication tools. With MPLS VPN, you’re able to communicate quickly and securely between different sites, over a single – and private – fibre-optic network.

Maintain productivity and control bandwidth use

Superior collaboration connectivity

Invest in innovation

Operating on a network that provides the right bandwidth for applications that connect people remotely means you can purchase the latest communication tools without having to worry about your investment going down the drain. As your business grows, so will the need to implement a reliable network that enables you to connect with remote worksites and provide quick, reliable communication with employees outside of your head office.

MPLS VPN supports growth in the volume and complexity of services that you need to run over your network so that you can stay connected, no matter what. It’s also easy to add new sites as your network grows.

Put critical applications first

MPLS VPN puts you in control: you get to decide which network traffic needs the fastest delivery so that it automatically gets the most bandwidth.

So, critical applications, and those using voice and video, can take priority over data. You can also control network traffic routing between remote locations. This will help improve the way you use business applications to increase productivity.

Our self-service portal helps you keep track of usage and trend reports, log service requests, and validate services to make sure you stay on top of your bandwidth needs.

Improve remote disaster recovery

As your business grows and your employees communicate from more remote sites, the threat of losing business continuity and valuable information assets becomes all too real on an unreliable network. Business continuity is vital, and the ability to maintain it between remote worksites means you’ll remain competitive and compliant. Without sufficient backup capabilities, you can also lose valuable production time trying to recover and recreate lost or corrupted data.

Having a secure, fast and reliable MPLS VPN means you can virtually reconnect remote sites to backup locations.

The right bandwidth for applications that connect people

A private network with advanced routing techniques

MPLS favours fibre

A multiprotocol label switching virtual private network is a private network that allows you to communicate quickly and securely between different sites. With MPLS VPN from Internet Solutions, you can choose the appropriate network configuration for your business needs to ensure you stay connected.

MPLS VPN doesn’t pass over the Internet, but rather connects over a single, fibre-optic network. Its protocol-agnostic design means it’s faster and more reliable than Internet Protocol connectivity, and offers better response time and application performance.

Customised connectivity

With MPLS VPN connectivity, you can choose from five different class-of-service options, each catering for specified application performance in your business:

  • Voice and Video Conferencing (VC): minimal delay, jitter, and packet loss
  • Platinum data: low delay and packet loss
  • Gold data: low packet loss
  • Silver data: best-effort (no service guarantees)

You can also choose between a range of connectivity options, from 64Kbps to 1Gbps, depending on your business application needs.

Send information securely

Having all the network speed in the world means nothing if your information isn’t safe. Cyber criminals are finding increasingly sophisticated ways of hacking valuable information assets. In the wrong hands, this information can lead to great financial and reputational losses for your business.

MPLS VPN offers both the speed and security organisations need to progress on their digital journey. Data sent over the MPLS network is encrypted in line with global MPLS VPN security standards, which means you can communicate confidently knowing your information is always protected.

Easy to manage, easy to afford

Super fast quality of service and seamless support

Fixed billing

MPLS VPN is more cost-effective than Internet Protocol services, with economies of scale for higher bandwidth levels. You receive fixed billing for the bandwidth needed to sustain your daily operations so that you can enjoy more predictable monthly costs. Thanks to the unified network and centralised billing, your finance teams can budget more efficiently for future network innovations while still covering the necessary costs of your current connection requirements.

Get rid of that admin headache

With MPLS VPN, you can enjoy a fully managed service with service level agreements in place to ensure availability. One point of contact from one service provider means less time worrying about keeping your network running and more time spent focused on running your business.

Service level features

MPLS VPN service levels are measured for each PE-to-PE path (a path from one provider edge router to another). We offer the following service level features:

  • Availability: the percentage of test packets for which a response was received
  • Packet loss: the number of data packets that don’t reach their destination
  • Round trip time (RTT): the time it takes a data packet to travel from a PE to a remote PE and back again
  • Jitter: the variation in RTT between two successive test packets

These features paired with our 24/7 expert support mean you can communicate quickly and securely between different sites, over a single fibre-optic network.

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