No more ‘system is down’ apologies to customers. Much more time for productivity and business innovation.

As your IT environment becomes increasingly complex, locating the cause of poor system performance can be as difficult as finding the proverbial needle in a haystack.

Monitoring as a Service (MaaS) is a real-time monitoring solution that gives you a single view of the critical components of your IT infrastructure and application environments. This helps you identify issues, deal with potential problems and make proactive changes to ensure your IT infrastructure delivers the performance your business needs.

Minimise disruption, maximise productivity and improve your IT strategy

Deliver optimal IT performance now and in the future

Technical troubleshooting to mitigate business risk

Failures or poor performance in your IT environment can have a significant impact on your business: slow response times, downtime, unavailable systems and data loss can result in financial and reputational damage. ‘The system is down’ is not an excuse that many of your clients, employees or other stakeholders will happily accept, especially when it comes to serious issues such as data privacy and financial loss.

Ongoing monitoring can help you successfully mitigate these business risks by addressing issues in the IT environment before they escalate into problems.

The more you can see and understand about your IT environment, the easier it is to detect and resolve any technical complications that may be affecting system performance. With MaaS, you get a single, real-time view of the critical components of your entire IT environment, so you’ll be able to monitor and troubleshoot potential issues effectively.

Automated alerts will help you to establish faults, issues and vulnerabilities, and manage these proactively before they become a problem. This will help you ensure that operations keep running in a stable IT environment

Useful data informs smart IT strategies

As your business continues to adapt to changing consumer needs and market dynamics, you need to make sure your technology solutions can keep pace.

MaaS produces detailed reports on your IT environment that help you establish the ‘as is’, and work towards the ideal ‘to be’ state from the realistic benchmark of actual performance. Equipped with valuable information on the various devices and components of your IT infrastructure, you’re also in a better position to make smart decisions about your IT strategy.

For example, you’ll be able to:

  • analyse the causes of slow performance or downtime and take the right action to prevent this from happening in the future
  • identify changes to the environment that should be included in business continuity and disaster recovery plans
  • determine how well certain assets are performing, and when you should be budgeting for upgrades

An additional benefit is that, with your IT environment being managed proactively, your IT teams can focus less on damage assessment and disaster control, and more on innovation and technology solutions that support your overall business strategy.

Real-time updates to maintain performance levels

Features of MaaS

Incident monitoring

Even the most robust IT environments are susceptible to incidents that can disrupt operations or result in services or functions being unavailable. If an incident does occur in your IT environment, the incident monitoring feature of MaaS will alert your IT team so they can restore operations as quickly as possible. You’ll also receive meaningful data that will allow you to analyse the lifecycle of the incident, and put the right measures in place to prevent it from happening again.

Capacity monitoring

If any part of your environment is under strain, you need to know before it’s too late. The MaaS capacity monitoring feature checks the throughput on IT various systems and devices in order to identify potential issues and make sure that your IT infrastructure is adequate for your current – and future – business needs. You may see a need to invest in additional infrastructure to meet demand. You may also identify areas of waste or underutilisation that will help you trim costs and improve overall performance.

Availability monitoring

24/7 uptime is the new business reality. The MaaS availability monitoring service constantly scans and performs tests on the various components of your IT infrastructure. This means you’ll have reliable, real-time information on the status of your network, devices (including switches, routers, servers) and services – anything that could affect availability and impact on business operations. You’ll also be notified of issues with any aspect of the environment so that you can quickly take remedial action.

Performance monitoring

If any part of your IT infrastructure is underperforming (or at risk of underperforming), you need to know so you can take action. MaaS uses sophisticated performance monitoring software to gather intelligence on the operational health of your environment, giving you a clear view of how your IT infrastructure and services handles business operations over time. This not only assists you in making sure your systems are available on any given day but also helps you identify patterns and plan accordingly.

Choice and flexibility to meet demand

Keeps up with the growing demands of your business

Subscribe only to the monitoring services you need

MaaS can be tailored and scaled to meet the changing demands of your business over time. We install and configure the monitoring services you need, and take care of the underlying software (licences, patches and upgrades).

You pay a one-off setup fee, and a monthly fee from there on, based on what’s being monitored, according to your choice. So, you can add additional functionalities as your business grows, without having to make any major additional investments in IT infrastructure.

Monitor a range of devices, at thresholds you set

MaaS can monitor a range of devices across your IT environment, including:

  • servers
  • desktops
  • virtual machines
  • applications
  • databases
  • networks
  • firewalls
  • printers
  • desktops

You’ll have access to dashboards and performance reports, which you can customise according to your needs. This critical management information helps you stay on track to meet current demand, and gives you insight into how you may need to reshape your IT environment to ensure it can support your business adequately in the future.

Agentless and agent-based deployment options

A cloud monitoring servicey delivery model makes MaaS fast to deploy and easy to manage. It also means there’s no capex involved in setting up on-premise infrastructure – all you have to pay is your monthly subscription fee for the services you use.

It supports agentless deployments for systems with native SNMP support, so you won’t need to install software applications to monitor certain aspects of your IT infrastructure (for example, customer edge (CE) routers). Custom, agent-based deployments are available for all systems.

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