Web-based applications, cloud services, social media, dynamic content and advanced communications tools can do wonders for your business. But they can also present online security threats.

These threats come in many forms – botnets, data leaks or breaches, viruses and malware, malicious content, phishing scams, browser exploits ... the list keeps growing.

Cloud Web Security acts as a passport control system for your network. It enables you to set access policies that determine who may access different types of web content. It then puts web traffic through a series of security checks before allowing it to travel on your corporate network.

Empower your business while enforcing data security

Real-time reporting, real-time security

Balancing business benefits with online risks

If you’re in business, you’re online. While the number and type of web-based applications each organisation uses may differ, there’s no getting away from having an information security strategy that balances the benefits of using these applications with their inherent security risks.

With Cloud Web Security, you have a solution that enables you to keep up with the complexity of securing your business against risks associated with web-based technologies.

You’ll be able to secure mobile users and protect all branch offices from potential web-based security threats, while making sure you protect valuable client data, personal information and intellectual property. Crucially, you’ll also be able to mitigate the risk of being affected by the financial losses and reputational damage caused by security breaches.

Detailed reporting for better management

If you’re concerned about how employees spend their time on the Internet or aren’t sure how to regulate and enforce policies on Internet use, Cloud Web Security can help.

You’ll be able to get real-time reporting on application and network use, threat protection and user policies across departments, groups, locations and users from our self-service portal. This information will enable you to monitor Internet traffic accurately so you can identify user behaviour across locations, branches or groups. Detailed, up-to-date reporting will help you manage Internet usage by applying appropriate access policies, limiting your exposure to online security risks and at the same time helping to control bandwidth use and costs.

Manage user access to web content

Make your access policies work for you

Cloud security services that safeguard your users

Everything we use on the Internet – business applications, cloud services, social media platforms, multimedia content and advanced communications tools – can open doors to productivity, opportunities and growth. Unfortunately, they can also open doors to cyber-security threats which could place your organisation’s data security at risk. Access policies are a crucial first step of defence for sufficient network security and having resilient web-based access control measures in place is a non-negotiable part of any security strategy.

Cloud Web Security is a web filtering system that enables you to limit your exposure to online security risks by managing user access to different types content. It can be used with any device and connectivity medium.

Policies determine access to different types of web content

You set access policies according to various categories of URLs and web content.

Social media platforms, streaming and torrent sites, or sites that aren’t work-related. This is easy to do from our self-service portal: you or your IT administrators can create and deploy access policies immediately, by user, group or location, to anywhere and on any device.

Web traffic scanned in line with access policies

All web traffic first goes to our secure cloud (our data centre). From there, it is sent to our enforcement centre where it is scanned according to the policies you have applied in order to determine which traffic to block and which traffic to allow through to its destination.

Unlike airport passport control, this cloud security process takes just milliseconds. We have 40 of these data centres worldwide, so there’s minimal rerouting and no noticeable delay. Your employees can therefore connect to the corporate network at any time, from any device, across a secure connection.

A cloud security solution that grows with your business

Easy to set up, even easier to manage

Easy self-management

Our self-service portal makes management incredibly easy – all you have to do is log in to add or update users or groups, adjust web access policies, and view real-time reports on Internet use.

As your business grows, you can add more users to the system without major investments. And because you pay a monthly fee per user, you know exactly what you’ll be spending every month.

Leave the hardware, and hard work, to us

Cloud Web Security a cloud-based service which means you don’t need to buy or run hardware or software. This implement sufficient web-based security measures for your business. This makes it not only a cost-effective but also an easy-to-setup option for enterprises of any size.

You also don’t need to worry about ongoing updates to ensure your web security system is operating efficiently, especially considering the volume and sophistication with which cybercrime is growing. With Cloud Web Security, we take care of all this for you so you can focus on other business-critical work. Our expert engineers provide 24/7 support to make sure your business is protected, no matter what.

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