Your corporate data backup strategy has to cover a growing and increasingly complex set of servers, desktops and laptops that store critical business information.

With multiple users running various operating systems on different devices, managing backup and recovery both inside and outside the corporate network is tricky.

Cloud Managed Backups enables the secure, automated disk-to-disk backup and recovery of critical information stored on servers or corporate devices. Quickly recover important information when you need it, from a single file to a full restore. A range of backup, storage and recovery options are available for you to protect your information assets.

Make business continuity a reality

Safeguard valuable data, maintain maximum uptime

Protect your information assets

As your business grows and becomes more complex, the potential for losing important data increases. Hardware failure, theft, viruses and human error can’t always be prevented. If you really want to protect your information assets, you need a reliable backup server that not only stores data, but restores it whenever you need.

Because cloud data recovery is fast and efficient, you won’t lose valuable time restoring data after a minor setback like a damaged laptop, or performing a full restore after a major hardware or network failure. The Cloud Managed Backups data recovery service enables you to recover data from any date on which a backup was performed successfully, helping you protect your information assets.

Improve bandwidth efficiency

Cloud Managed Backups has a number of tools for improving your existing backup processes:

  • Synthetic full backup technology - which minimises data transfer by backing up only changes made to files
  • Individual file de-duplication - which stores just one copy of each file across multiple accounts

Together, these processes free up disk space, decrease bandwidth use and allow for faster, more efficient backups. Cloud Managed Backups also offers bandwidth throttling and advanced scheduling of larger data transfers to help improve bandwidth costs even more.

A cloud backup solution to maintain productivity

Losing valuable information assets can lead to more than financial losses: your employees might end up redoing lost work or waste valuable production time trying to locate work that needs to be recovered. Even then, the work they recover might not be the most up-to-date version which means you lose even more time trying to restore your lost data. Thanks to minimal recovery time, Cloud Managed Backups makes sure your teams are up and running in a flash, helping you maintain maximum productivity.

Information storage that caters for your business and budgets

A range of packages to protect any information assets

Back up what you want, where you want, for as long as you need

With Cloud Managed Backups, you have the option to back up as little or as much data as you want, and store it where you want, for as long as you need to. You can opt for an off-site data backup solution, on-site backups on infrastructure you lease from us, or on-site backups with replication in one of our data centres.

With the fully managed service, you tell us what you want to restore (everything, or only selected files and folders), from which date, and where to restore it to, and we’ll manage the process for you.

With the self-service package, administrators can quickly restore data to a server or device, with minimal disruption. There’s also the option of enabling individual users to restore data on their own devices. All backups will then run automatically according to your selection. Data is encrypted before being sent to the storage platform.

A choice of backup schedules and data retention periods

Cloud Managed Backups offers a range of packages for scheduling and running backups, and storing data. Choose the one that best suits your archiving policies, compliance requirements and business needs.

With the fully managed service, you can choose one of four data retention periods, which means you can restore data from as recently as the last eight weeks to as far back as ten years ago. You can also opt to have different data retention periods for different servers.

The self-service option enables administrators to run backups on demand, on schedule, or when a connection is available. Existing backup policies can be built into the solution and individual users can also be given access to run regular backups of their own data online.

A backup solution that grows with your business

Easily adapt to suit your evolving business needs

Instant backups that are easy to manage

With Cloud Managed Backups it’s easy to add new servers and devices to the backup platform as and when the business requires, without major costs. Administrators can recover any number of backed-up files almost instantly and users themselves can control backups for their desktops and laptops, and restore lost work without having to ask the IT administrator for help.

Secure, automated backups are easy to set up and manage while important data can be backed up regularly and securely, so your information assets aren’t at risk. Cloud Managed Backups also gives you the option to choose which files and folders to back up, so it’s easy to adapt backup schedules for different data types as and when your business requirements change.

With access to regular reports, you’ll be able to keep track of all backup and recovery activities, whether they’re performed by us, your IT team, or even individual users.

Moving away from manual

Cloud Managed Backups offers a more flexible storage solution that can adapt to changes in your business, enabling you to add new servers and devices to the backup platform easily as your business grows. Thanks to our backup software, you no longer need manual tape backups or off-site storage facilities – Cloud Managed Backups saves you from having to invest in and manage the hardware and software needed to run a separate backup and recovery site.

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