Gopal Govinder
Gopal Govinder Executive Head: Business Solutions VPN

As the digital age matures, businesses worldwide are increasingly relying on bandwidth-intensive applications and services – and Africa is no exception.

Why wholesale VPNs play an important role in Africa

To respond to these growing demands, ISPs need to offer connectivity solutions that are more than up to the task as they facilitate seamless growth.

Africa’s growing bandwidth requirements

Network convergence offers tremendous advantages for businesses in Africa, especially those with a wide geographic spread. Network convergence is a must if you want to deploy the largest possible range of business-critical services and applications and aggregate them properly. IS offers a way to achieve this while ensuring the highest possible connectivity standards in terms of capacity, scalability, performance and uptime – with MPLS VPN.

MPLS VPN from IS allows our clients to connect to any points over a meshed network architecture, ensuring a secure and reliable connection which your customers can optimise by prioritising and directing traffic. It’s a cost-effective solution that offers a high degree of flexibility.

Future-proofing African businesses

The IMF has forecast a healthy level of GDP growth in sub-Saharan Africa with an average growth rate of 3.4% for the region this year. The growth of Africa’s digital industries is accelerating and naturally, so are connectivity requirements. Businesses are seizing on more sophisticated communication technologies as they become available.

The increase for bandwidth demands this is driving need to be met for this growth to be nurtured. Businesses, especially those with an eye on expansion, need an advanced network capable of delivering the very latest and most bandwidth-hungry applications while facilitating seamless scalability as new branches or office locations are added. This is easily accomplished with the meshed network topology of IS’s MPLS VPN.

Ensure redundancy

IS boasts the largest managed services network on the continent with 66 Points of Presence in 16 regional markets, all of which are configured in mesh network architecture to ensure an uninterrupted service. Since electricity supplies in some of these regions can be unreliable, traffic can be rerouted over numerous alternative paths if there’s a breakage in the network, to ensure minimal latency at all times.

A secure network

IS’s MPLS VPN facilitates traffic engineering while protecting network traffic from manipulation by users outside of the VPN. In addition, all data is encrypted to global MPLS VPN security standards, and a combination of quality of service and class of service parameters ensures that mission-critical data is always given top priority.

Choose a partner for success

The African economic landscape presents a world of exciting growth opportunities for local and international ISPs. The best approach is to partner with an established provider that can offer a robust, state-of-the-art infrastructure network to leverage, one that connects international enterprises to and within Africa. It may be time to consider offering the next level of connectivity to your customers with Wholesale VPN: Securing the last mile.

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