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As businesses migrate to the cloud to take advantage of the numerous benefits it offers, they are exposed to an increasing range of online threats. Cloud computing streamlines business operations and saves huge amounts on hardware. But reliance on the Internet puts organisations at risk of data and systems breaches, which can be crippling.

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The financial and reputational costs of having trade secrets, financial documents, employee and client information and other sensitive data leaked or compromised can run into the millions – if not billions. And as we’ve seen in recent years, no company, not even megabrands are immune to cyber attacks. Sony, Apple, Twitter and a number of banks have all fallen victim to hacks and viruses. With cyber criminals getting smarter, the shape of threats keeps shifting, and good security solutions are essential.

Benefits of Internet Solutions Security Solutions

The security solutions created by Internet Solutions meet the needs of organisations of all sizes, across all sectors. Our Risk-based approach when pairing your technology needs with cyber resilience offers several benefits, the top seven of which are detailed below.


You may have reservations about handing over critical IT functions to an external provider, but with us, you gain more control than you initially had. With instant access to high-level knowledge and industry best practices, you’re looking at increased expertise in your information security. And with client customised managed security solutions the sole job of your provider is to guard you against attacks – unlike an in-house team, there are no peripheral tasks to distract them. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the support you need being absent or unavailable. You’re looking at dedicated security, 24/7.

Offence, not defence

Cyber criminals are often one step ahead of security teams, gaining access to data or systems (often internally) and then lurking in the background, launching lateral attacks and biding their time until they are ready to make the big haul. They can wait months, even years – completely undetected. This calls for a shift from a defensive to an offensive approach on the part of security solutions; they need to detect and block would-be attackers before any intrusion can occur. Early detection solutions like our Breach Detection solution is an excellent example of how this can be managed, providing peace of mind for Risk Officers and “C” level at an affordable monthly rental.

Address compliance

With our Risk-based approach and adherence to NIST standards, our experienced risk advisory team can assist in compliance with regulatory requirements, analysing your security needs for data retention, disclosure and access. This ensures you – and your information – stay on the right side of the law and saves you the hassle of sifting through complex, often confusing legislation.

Risk mitigation

Keeping the risk level of virus, malware and spyware infection, as well as hacker attacks (by external opportunists and your own employees) to a minimum is the primary goal of information security, but one that is expensive and difficult to realise on your own. We take this mammoth task off your hands and ensure the performance of your systems remains optimal to keep your business safe and functioning smoothly.

Less stress for management staff

Even if your organisation has an IT team, information security is no easy task. The difficulty increases with the complexity of the network, BYOD and large attack surface; dealing with different operating systems, remote access and other factors is not only time-consuming and costly but often so unmanageable that vulnerabilities go undetected – and criminals get in. Leaving security to us means a lot less stress for your management staff.

Lower costs

On-boarding an IS security solution works out to be much more cost-efficient than paying IT consultants at high hourly rates or maintaining a full IT department in the age of business leanness. These savings translate into better value for your customers and shareholders.

How it works

We use the latest technology, experienced cross-functional Cyber Security and Risk advisory skills and have a long track record of expertise in cloud data protection. This positions us as the premier cloud security services provider in South Africa, keeping businesses of all types and sizes safe from cyber attacks, data compromises, and identity theft. Relying on regular monitoring and updates, and a comprehensive strategy that includes pre-emptive strikes and a solid recovery plan, we identify and ward off breach attempts before they can cause damage to your systems.

What’s on offer

We offer cloud computing that provides cost-effective IP and security solutions together with expert protection against cyber threats (both internal and external) and unwanted traffic. Attacks are detected and blocked before they get anywhere near the company network. With firewalls both virtual and dedicated, as well as IPS and URL filtering, you’ll have peace of mind that your business data and bandwidth is 100% secure at all times.

How secure is your company’s data right now?Try our online Internet risk assessment tool to find out more.

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