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Not all SD-WAN solutions are equal: they do not offer the same range of benefits to enterprises. But when you are investing in an SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Network) solution, you want to be 100% certain that it is going to meet the network challenges you face.

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Enter CloudWAN. It is the latest offering from Internet Solutions, and it aligns with the local market requirements. CloudWAN is an intelligent technology that enables organisations of all kinds to adjust and evolve;  to respond to business changes and ensure sustainable growth.

CloudWAN is the answer to the worrying levels of technical and other disruptions, that businesses face. It is a responsive, unified, always-on network that allows enterprises to rapidly take action in constantly changing markets. This means that your business can adapt and expand, with speed and agility, to keep pace globally. CloudWAN provides a four-fold set of benefits that make this possible. And we explore them later on in this blog. Together, the four elements add up to a network that works better, is more cost-effective and faster, and is much simpler to control.

Before expanding on the benefits of CloudWAN, we shall scan some of the key technical features that make the product so exciting.

Features of CloudWAN

  • Enables offices to link public and private clouds, or bare metal infrastructure, into a single, seamless Unified Virtual Network.
  • Uses a single, multi-tenant cloud-based controller to centrally manage the infrastructure, network functions and applications of multiple customer environments.
  • Provides Extensible Network Functions to simplify deployment and management of network functions.
  • Allows Zero Touch Provisioning of “site in a box” to simplify deployment of branch applications and services as virtual network functions.
  • Unifies and standardises network technologies across locations.
  • Centrally packages business applications and services and deploys them to the edge of the network.
  • Allows companies to leverage existing network vendor partnerships without compromising previous infrastructure investments.

Benefits of CloudWAN

Next, we shall briefly explore the four major advantages that CloudWAN offers enterprises.

Reduced costs

CloudWAN cuts bandwidth expenditure by enabling alternate, cost-effective transport networks, and by reducing the setup time and service costs of network products and apps. Enterprises are able to upgrade their existing services without the trouble and expense of replacing hardware, and implement new apps and services without deploying new hardware devices. Money is saved on tech resources (including technicians, who are able to use their time in more productive ways), and maintenance is made easy.

Reduced complexity

Many enterprises find themselves bogged down by the complexity of their enterprise networks, which renders them difficult to manage effectively. CloudWAN greatly simplifies things. For a start, it makes device management much easier; control is cloud-based and centralised. Each branch office requires just one device. Network monitoring, debugging and troubleshooting are much easier (and more efficient), and the burden on overloaded experts is reduced.

Increased speed

CloudWAN enables productivity by allowing new offices to get online quickly and competently. It also slashes the time spent in physically managing multiple Virtual Network Functions: it consolidates them on a single appliance (as mentioned above). And setup and configuration can be done faster using the centrally-managed cloud controller. The nitro boost this gives tech teams allows senior resources to be reserved for more challenging tasks, and junior resources to be allocated to network deployment and upgrades.

Increased control

CloudWAN increases the ability to manage configuration, usage and other policies, as well as security, from one central point. Enterprises are also more readily able to rapidly deploy changes to the network edges. CloudWAN enables a single, unified corporate network that is transport-agnostic, and puts control firmly in the hands of the enterprise.

All of this translates into significantly increased efficiency and the ability to streamline operations. But that is just the beginning. Updates to CloudWAN (read: even more benefits) are already in the works and include Local Internet Breakout, a WAN Accelerator, and Cloud Connector. To find out more about CloudWAN and whether it is the right SD-WAN solution for your enterprise, get in touch with Internet Solutions today.

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