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Sean Nourse Chief Solutions Officer

When it comes to security solutions, you want something comprehensive and reliable. This makes it easier for IT managers to protect valuable company assets and detect and respond to irregularities.

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At IS, our security solutions, created using an adaptive security architecture, were developed to do just this – protect, detect and respond.


With an adaptive approach to security architecture, IT managers have all the forensic information they need to understand network attacks and improve their approach. Should a threat occur, it’s important to investigate what went wrong. Any intelligence gathered can be used to bolster systems, automate future responses and feed data back into predictive and detective processes of their security architecture.

At IS, our cybersecurity solutions include everything from threat and identity management, availability, premise-based and Cloud security.


Often, intruders are able to access IT networks unnoticed. Detecting intrusions is essential. Especially when one considers that new viruses and malware are being developed all the time. And that these are designed to get past existing firewall and antivirus software. Detection helps you spot intrusions when they happen and to safeguard your networks constantly, these efforts must be ongoing.

Our aim is to help you identify your security shortfalls and any potential risks. With regular penetration testing, we’ll do just that. We’ll also conduct vulnerability and configuration assessments to assure your security is up to scratch.


Contextual awareness is critical. Once a threat is identified, systems should respond autonomously, accurately and effectively. This must happen before the situation gets worse. Threats are prioritised by level of risk and the network areas that are affected. An adaptive security architecture will isolate the threat, minimise the impact of infiltration and keep the integrity of the network intact.

Our Security Solutions can help detect, protect and respond to cybersecurity threats, we offer all the security you need to keep your systems safe. We’ll also manage your firewalls and provide updated threat intelligence so you can respond as quickly as possible.

Your cybersecurity solutions and protection systems need to be five steps ahead of hackers. It’s important to never let cybercriminals catch you unaware. That is why our solutions are modelled on these three pillars. Want to find out where your vulnerabilities lie? Try out our Internet Security Risk Assessment.

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